20 March 2008

In 1992, They Thought What They Did Was Cool

I wonder where these guys are today. Drach from Edinburgh, Tom Warchocki (West Seneca, NY), Brent Richter of Colorado Springs, Marc Formosa (Hockley, England)...your kids today must be very proud that dad got his picture printed in a comic book back in 1992. That's like super awesome, dude!

Y'know, kids? Those little things you get when you're intimate with a woman. Y'know...woman?

Yes, I belong to the camp that thinks cosplaying is only cool when the participants are nubile yet over the age of consent Japanese girls who dress up as their favourite manga/anime characters. Skinny white dudes in make-up? No...just no.

Still, none of them can hold a candle to this guy....

From Lobo: Infanticide #3 (DC, 1992) by Keith Giffen and Alan Grant


Maxo said...

This non-official Lobo Week is awesome, Khairul.

collectededitions said...

What do you think that guy transforms in to, exactly?