29 April 2009

It's Just A Comic Book. Cut Away, Kid!

That's right! I let my kid cut out a comic book page! It's a comic book, not the the damn Mona Lisa, people! Besides, blame DC if you have to. It was them who put all that cut-out finger puppets and masks in the DC Superfriends back pages. They wanted the comic book damaged, the way it was meant to be.

28 April 2009

Snake Eyes...

...wants you to check out his new 12" action figure from Sideshow Collectibles.

yeah, I bought it. I bought an overpriced piece of plastic. I'm weak. But it's Snake Eyes, people! It's frikin' Snake-Eyes!

24 April 2009

Friday Night Fights: OPP - round 10

Then there was the time Thor introduced himself to Superman the only way a Nordic god of thunder knows how. Funnily enough, that's how Spacebooger introduces himself to strangers as well.

From JLA/AVENGERS trade papeback by Busiek & Perez.

22 April 2009

How NOT To Insult A Priest

I don't know. Calling a priest "PIG-SUCK!" isn't really a zinger of an insult. That's like calling him a badger-molestor. It just lacks a certain oomph.

From Hellboy: Wake The Devil tpb by Mike Mignola.

20 April 2009

17 April 2009

Friday Night Fights: OPP - round 9

Reed Richards' wildest dreams fulfilled. Unfortunately, it was a What If...? issue so nothing that occurred in it really counted.

From What If...? vol.2 #54, Marvel, by Simon Furman & Geoff Senior, collected in Death's Head volume 2 trade paperback.

Spacebooger still has his hand in a cast but at least his head's intact....for now.

16 April 2009

Web Comics You Should Read: Hannibal Goes To Rome

Check this out from Shadowline Web Comics: Hannibal Goes To Rome by Brendan Mc Ginley and Mauro Vargas. Its a condensed history of the Punic Wars. The concept (history in comic form, the art) reminds me of Larry Gonick's Cartoon History of the Universe series and that's not a bad thing at all. It's quite funny and well written.

If you like ancient history particularly ancient Roman history or ever played Rome: Total War on the PC, you should check out this webcomic. The strip isn't finished yet (Hannibal has just arrived at the Alps at the time I'm writing this) so look forward to more mad Carthaginian rampage on Roman legionnaires in the days to come.

15 April 2009


Damn, am I burned out already on superhero comics? It's only been 4 years since I came back to Marvel's and DC's respective universes and already I feel bored with their stuff. Not a good sign. I don't wanna leave but what's the point of throwing money into stuff you don't enjoy them?

Just finished reading the third collection of DC's The Brave and the Bold and I was less than impressed. It wasn't as bad
the second collection but not as good as the first one either. As a fan of done-in-one, not necessarily in-continuity stories, I think BotB opened well with a huge bang and then whimpered pretty quickly soon after. I dropped Justice League when it became a pin-up gallery and I'll be dropping JSA with they finish collecting the 'Kingdom Come' storyline. This title, out of all of them that I buy, has been the most disappointing. The revival of the JSA early in the new century was a hoot. Great plots, great pencils...the later ones weren't so hot but overall the Justice Society was fun to read. Now not so much. If Marvel has Brian Bendis as their master of decompressed writing, DC has Geoff Johns.

And speaking of Marvel, it looks like I'll be dropping all three Avengers trades (Mighty, New & Initiative) with their Secret Invasion collection. "I'm not a Skrull! You're the Skrull!" was funny for about half a page, Bendis.

When reading Showcase Presents: Enemy Ace or Essential Defenders vol. 1 is more fun than reading the current stuff from the Big Two, maybe it's time to focus more attention and money on their old stuff. Of course, there's always the smaller publishers. It's not all a lost cause, I admit, but if you want to read about superhero adventures there's no place better than Marvel & DC and these days those companies aren't hitting many of my buttons.

13 April 2009

Yeah, But She Took Care of 7 Single Men!

That's true. In fact, Ms. White was quite crap in all forms of combat. (click on image for monster size and to find out what the hell I'm talking about)

Wonder Woman backbites another fictional character in Wonder Woman: Ends of the Earth hardcover collection by Simone and Chang.

10 April 2009

Friday Night Fights: OPP round 8

Colonel Rick Flag punches a fat Russian while Deadshot cheers him on in Suicide Squad #7, DC, 1987 by Ostrander, McDonnell & Lewis

Spacebooger wishes he could do what Flag's doing in that panel ('cause you know, Spacebooger broke his hand and all...)

06 April 2009

Punisher's Got No Time For Suckers Like You, Man

So if there weren't any footsteps out in the hallway, Frank would still be there in the room reading the journal? In the room where a second ago a living person fired a gun under his chin and now has a large hole at the back of his head? Man, that's cold.

From Punisher: Circle of Blood by Grant, Zeck & Vosburg

01 April 2009

Comics Kids Can Read Without Bleaching Their Brains Afterwards: DC Super Friends: For Justice

Let's celebrate this new month by watching Batman and Wonder Woman ride dinosaurs. Just because we can.

DC Super Friends: For Justice collects the first seven issues of Super Friends and is perfect for the kids. Not as zany as Tiny Titans but it has Batman riding a dinosaur and all the Super Friends exchanging costumes and masks just to fool Felix Faust. Wonder Woman got to change with Aquaman. They wisely stuck Aquaman in the background so we couldn't see his smooth legs. Smart thinking, DC. Nobody wants to see that.

Faust also failed to notice "Wonder Woman" had a hairy chest. Felix Faust isn't very smart, Batman.