22 September 2008

The Brave & The Bold: The Book of Destiny, a short review

Something seems to be missing in this collection. I did not find it as enjoyable to read as I did the first book, Lords of Luck. Interestingly, chapters three, four and five features two separate team-ups each, all revolving around a mysterious villain called Megistus whom we don't see until the end of the book. Prior to his appearance, we are presented with the heroes running around in different eras fighting agents of Megistus and trying to find artefacts that Megistus wants but the heroes do not know what for (but since he's a villain, it must be for nefarious reasons).

I don't know whether it's the brief team ups (Blackhawk & the Boy Commandos could have been a cracking story if it had more pages to play with) or maybe my disinterest with some of the guest stars featured (Metal Men, Diah H for Hero, the Silent Knight (who's he?)) but Book of Destiny was, dare I say it?, a bit boring.

Book 2 has no Batman. Or Lobo. That's why Book 1 was more enjoyable.

Though it has this sweet splash page of Wonder Woman and PG finally realising that they have feelings for each other (only works when page is taken out of context, natch).

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Maxo said...

Megistus wasn't much of a villain, either - it really seemed as if any of the heroes should've been able to bop him on the nose and call it a night.