15 January 2009

wikiHow's How To Be A Comic Book Genius

How to Become a Comic Book Genius

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This if you want to impress people with your comic book expertise.


  1. Buy Marvel Encyclopedias Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (3 is the best skip it)and read them.
  2. Buy the D.C. Comics Encyclopedia and read it
  3. Start reading tpb(trade paper backs)Big ones like Watchmen, Kingdom Come, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Infinite Crisis, the Essential tpbs by Marvel,also the D.K. Ultimate Guides (they have one on nearly every hero Marvel and D.C.)
  4. Subscribe to Wizard this magazine is a must have
  5. Read Comics and Graphic Novels at your library (mine has monthly issues and huge variety of hardcovers and tpbs)
  6. Read mini series such as Civil War or 52 (these will change quite often)


  • Get on the forums
  • Research things you don't know about on the internet
  • Try not to get obsessed with one publication read indie publishers like Image, Dark Horse and Top Cow
  • If you hate reading don't try to read comics


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So, in order to become a comic book genius, one needs to read the Marvel Encyclopedias but skip volume 3 because "it's the best". Subscribing to Wizard is a must 'cause the Wizard guys know all about comics and shit. Also, "if you hate reading, don't try to read comics". Now I take issue with that. The comic medium, I think, is a good way to instill a love to read. All those pictures won't tax your brain too much. But then again I find it hard to comprehend how anyone can actually dislike reading. But that's just me.

I love how the author(s) of that article warn us not to be a Marvel Zombie. Because y'know, that would be bad

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