27 February 2008

Mini Review - Harley Quinn: Preludes and Knock Knock Jokes HC

Aaaannnd I'm back. I told you I'll be back in February. I didn't say when in February, did I? Hah! Just had to sort out some personal stuff and then decided to take some time off from blogging. Because I can. But I'm back and there is much rejoicing across the land. What have I been reading this past few days? This:

It collects the first seven issues of Harley's own series, written by Karl "12 parsecs" Kesel and art by Terry and Rachel Dodson. In this collection, Harley decides to go solo after Joker tries to kill her, tangles with Two-Face, have a girls' night out with some of DC's femme fatales, recruits a Joker wannabe into her gang and tries to rob Wayne Manor. Fun!

I like Kesel's plots. And here I thought he was just a kick ass inker. Nothing ground breaking here, I admit, but writing an entertaining comic book story isn't as easy as you would think. If it was, I'd be doing it myself. The Dodson's art is solid. I've never seen their work before this and it reminds me a little of the late Mike Weiringo and that's no bad thing.

Harley Quinn: Preludes and Knock Knock Jokes is a nice collection that a Bat-fan should own. A bit overpriced perhaps ($25 for seven issues) but who buys at retail price anyway? Or you could wait for the softcover version.

And that's my mini review. Yeah, it isn't much...I'm still rusty from taking a couple weeks off.


CaptainAverage said...

Hey,good to have you back.And,um,yeah,you're a little bit rusty.But I'll keep reading.I know you'll come back strong.

Maxo said...

Welcome back!

By all rights, I should really hate Harley Quinn, but for some reason she appeals to me as a character. I'll have to give this trade a look.

Khairul H. said...

Thanks for the support, mon Capitain! I just felt I had to write something so I just banged those words and hoped it made sense. I'll get my groove back soon. I hope, heh.

MAXO - Why the hate for Harley?

Maxo said...

No hate for Harley! I actually really like her! But normally, the fact that she was a character first created for the cartoon, her ditzy persona and her being a sorta-partner to the Joker (who never had or wanted a partner before), are all things that would've turned me off.

But Harley can just be so damn charming! I think she's a good addition to the DCU, and I always like to see her pop up.