03 February 2008

Reed Richards, Super-Genius...Terrible Memory

Okay, what is wrong with this panel from issue #20 of Fantastic Four by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby? Give up?

By issue #20, the FF have met the Skrulls, Kurrgo, master of Planet X, Uatu the Watcher, the Impossible Man and a time-travelling Pharaoh....and Reed thinks a meteor that crash landed on a farm is proof that there is life in outer space???


CaptainAverage said...

Good to see you back.Hope you're recovering well from your loss.
And thanks for showing us that Reed has "brain-fart" moments, as I like to call them.

Khairul H. said...

Hey, thanks! Yeah, I'm more or less back. I've had my week of mourning...time to move on, methinks.