11 June 2008

All New Atom: The Hunt For Ray Palmer...Or Why You Should Buy It

Y'know, All New Atom isn't a bad comic book. It has weirdness galore which I like. Like this panel:
A disembodied head overdosed on canned cheese? Gold!

How about this:

Jetpack Hitler! Jetpack Hitler,people! How can you drop a comic book that has a ridiculous cameo by a Nazi ever?

You want hot reptile on reptile action? Who doesn't? All New Atom aims to please with this:

And have I mentioned, the Head? He loves him some 1970s sitcom.

And yet All New Atom never achieved the numbers it deserved and DC recently announced its cancellation. Shame. So get the trade instead. All the above panels are collected in The Hunt For Ray Palmer!. Already gathering dust at a comic shop near you!

1 comment:

aris said...

All this and slumming sales?

The masses are asses for sure. LOL!!!