25 June 2008

In OMAC, Kirby Envisioned A Future Where You Can Own A Lifelike Sexbot

Creepiest panel in their entire book. And it's on the very first page. Oh sure, he called it a "Build-A-Friend" model. But we all know what they really were. A talking, walking, sex-bot. That Kirby was a visionary, wasn't he?

was also probably the first comic to feature that "hero calmly walks away while everything goes all Kablooey behind him" scene that is so popular nowadays in movies starring Nicholas Cage:

Cool, huh?

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Maxo said...

OMAC is probably my favorite Kirby creation, and that's saying something! I seem to remember John Byrne doing a good job with the character, too, but it's been a long time since I've read it.