19 February 2009

It's a Kodak moment

My 6 year old daughter reading her first superhero comic. I'm so proud. I've always believed comics can help teach English especially to those of us whose mother tongue is not English. Include comic books in the school curriculum, teachers! Trust me. That's how I learned the language.

She's reading Tiny Titans: Welcome to the Treehouse trade collection by Art Baltazar & Franco (DC, 2008). A cute, well written all-ages comic book perfect for the kids and the kids at heart.


Maxo said...

Aw, so sweet! I have a friend who credits comics with teaching him English, and I agree - comics can be an excellent way to introduce and strengthen a new language (or your native language, for that matter).

Khairul H. said...

It'll just be a few more years now before she starts asking me whether she can read Watchmen. They grow up so fast.