24 February 2009

All Vader Needs Is Love

Here is Lunch Break, a whimsical tale by John Adams, collected in Star Wars Tales vol. 4 (the bestest Star Wars comic series evar so of course it didn't sell. There are 6 volumes total. Collect them all).

Anyway, a couple of off-duty Imperial Stormtroopers are secretly reading Darth Vader's diary which one of the troopers managed to snatch from Vader's personal quarters. Excerpts:

(click on panels for Death Star size)

All he wanted, it seemed, was to be loved. But it's hard to make people love you when you can choke them long distance. Dressing in an all black getup all the time and wearing a helmet with a creepy skull motif also gives a message to others that you're a no nonsense kinda guy.

Anyway, Vader discovers his diary is missing and calls all the Stormtroopers for an emergency assembly. The two troopers who have been reading the diary try to play it cool:

Yup, that trooper is so dead.


Maxo said...

Hilarious and bittersweet - poor Vader.

Hey, who did that story? The artwork at least reminds me of Rob Osbourne.

Khairul H. said...

John Adams (credited at the top of the post there) wrote and drew that story.