20 December 2007

Great Moments In Comics History No. 4: Frog Thor!

Mentioned briefly here, I thought I'd elaborate more on the time Walt Simonson got out of bed and told his editor he wanted to turn Thor into an amphibian.

Simonson's run on Thor was the bestest and funnest run of Thor adventures I ever read and seeing how I never read any Thor comic before or after the Simonson run, clearly my claim means absolutely nothing. But it would take a truly bad, bad person with a heart of coal to dismiss Simonson's work on Thor. C'mon, to turn a Nordic Thunder God and a card carrying member of the Avengers at that, into a frog? You come up with a better idea.

But even in amphibian form, Frog Thor (Fror? Throg? Kermit?) is no slouch in the kick ass department as these rats find out:

That is one bad ass frog!

But a frog besting some rats tend to garner attention even in New York, and Frog Thor's exploits caught the attention of some wino with a magical flute living in the sewers. What do you mean you don't believe me? It's in issue #364 of The Mighty Thor, dang you! This guy plays his magic flute and alligators, yes, frickin' alligators!, come to his aid. Simonson had one too many the night before when he wrote this I think.

So what happens next? Find out yourself. These issues and more are collected in Walter Simonson THOR Legends volume 3.

Suffice it to say that this strange episode in Thor's life gets the DEM'S GOOD READIN' award for Great Moments in Comics History. Take a bow Walt Simonson!

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