27 December 2007

They Came, They Saw, They Left

How did you, dear reader, manage to find this blog? How did you know this blog exists? Via Bahlactus perhaps? Or maybe a link from another comics blog like Every.Issue.Ever or Slay, Monstrobot of the Deep or Great Caesar's Post?

Well, here are some words and phrases people have used while 'Googling' and they stumbled upon this blog as a result:

"naked cartoon superheroes" - please be specific. Do you want naked Spider-Man or naked Green Lantern? Aw, who am I kidding? You wanted to see Wonder Woman and She-Hulk doing the
nasty, didn't you? Sorry for the disappointment.

"naked cartoon dc characters" - well, at least now you're a bit specific. You just want characters from a particular company. I admire your taste. DC does have them some lovely cheesecake.

"naked batman cartoon" - I don't swing that way, man. [SEINFELD]Not that there's anything wrong with THAT![/SEINFELD]

"naked daddy comic" - Eeww. Let's not go there.

"Superman Big Barda Porn Movie" - Uhm, yeeeeaahhh. I really, really hope this guy was looking for Action Comics #593 where Byrne wrote that great story which I featured
here. Because, you know, if he was looking for an actual porn starring Superman and Big Barda.......

"lady fights on friday night smackdown" - I really owe a HUGE thanks to the great Bahlactus for this. I get increased traffic every weekend because of that guy.

"angelina ass shots" - Yes, I have (so far) a couple of entries entitled " gratuitous ass shots" and yes, they were written so that Google would direct horny guys to my blog and be disappointed.

"hulk dice" - Is this some gaming accessory I never knew existed?

"Superheroine catfights" - Nope. Not yet, fella. Maybe in '08 I'll feature some. Oh wait! I have that Ms. Marvel Civil War trade, don't I? One superheroine catfight coming up....soon...ish.

"Baroness Cobra Torture" - Which linked you to that
G.I. JOE annual I wrote about. Did you like it? Huh, did you? Yeah, Baroness was only mentioned briefly and I focused on the ninjas instead. It's G.I. Joe, ya freak!

"Shenna the She-Devil naked 2005" - because God forbid we want to see her naked now.

"Old Wonder Woman naked" - I think this person has a Grandma-complex. And again...Ewwwwwww.

And that's it for this year. I'm gonna take the next 4-5 days off from writing anything here and I'll see you again in 2008. Ciao!

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