22 April 2008

Great Moments In Comics History No. 5: Snowblind

In issue #6 of Alpha Flight entitled, "Snowblind", there is a fight scene between Alpha Flight's Snowbird and Kolomaq, an embodiment of winter. So what follows are 5-pages of absolute white except for captions and word and thought balloons. At first, I thought John Byrne was taking the piss but upon reflection it was quite clever. They are fighting in a blizzard after all. Click to enlarge.

From Alpha Flight Classic trade paperback.


Maxo said...

Ha! I remember this issue! I thought Byrne was just dicking around, too, but I guess it was Byrne being Byrne.

I was never much into Snowbird, but I'm curious to see what they do with her in that Marvel God Squad thing.

chris said...

Wow, I was just reading about this on Byrne's website last night! I was wondering what the "blank pages" looked like... now I know. Neat.

From the JB FAQ on the Byrne Robotics website:

"Did JB get paid for the "blank pages" of ALPHA FLIGHT #6?

I have always wondered about that issue of ALPHA FLIGHT with five pages of blank panels indicating Snowbird's battle in the snowstorm. Did you get paid your normal page rate for "drawing" those five snowstorm pages, or was it a lesser rate, or did they even pay you at all?

JB: I got paid my normal rate. Shooter said the blank pages were "an artistic decision". (2/17/2006)"

Khairul H. said...

Alpha Flight never really hooked me into being a fan and I have trouble remembering anything memorable from that series except for these 5 white pages. I think Byrne was chasing a deadline. Or like Maxo said, just Byrne being Byrne. Clever, though.