22 July 2008

Great Moments In Comics History No. 6: Lezzle Pon

Just wanna chime in and just repeat what most fans have already known for several months now (hey, I don't buy floppies anymore so I'm always late): The Sinestro Corps War is damn bloody awesome! Lots of punching, kicking, zapping and not really introducing anything new by the story's end. Oh sure, there's all that new spectrum of Lanterns, but really, what the fans wanted was the illusion of change and this storyline delivered.

I particularly like this one scene when Guy Gardner is infected by a microscopic member of the Sinestro Corp called Despotellis. This parasitic bastard doesn't need a ring to kill you. It just swims in your bloodstream for a few hours and you'll melt from the inside. Nice.

So how do you fight a virus?

By siccing a super-intelligent smallpox virus bent on revenge on it, that's how!


Anonymous said...

That was definitely an awesome sequence. I received a copy of Green Lantern # 25 as a Christmas gift last year.

Can't wait for the Sinestro Corps War arc to be released in softcover (or as an oversized Absolute Edition).

collectededitions said...

Here, here, on Sinestro Corps War delivering only the illusion of change. I liked this story, but not as much as I thought I would. Look for a review on the blog soon.