23 July 2008

Marvel Adventures Really, Really Need To Be Collected In Non-Digest Format

Covers like this:

and solicits like this...:


Written by PAUL TOBIN
Penciled by ALVIN LEE

KLAW'S GOOD OL' COUNTRY REVIVAL: When Klaw, the master of sound, forms a country and western band, Iron Man, Spider-Man and the Hulk decide to investigate. Unfortunately, the Hulk gets hooked on Klaw's mournful music and, wanting to solve those cliché-ridden problems Klaw so beauuutifully sings about, starts returning every lost (and not so lost) dog to its owner, insists on driving a pickup truck, and goes in for some very extreme "Hulk-style" relationship counseling. While this draws a lot of media attention to Klaw's band, it's the Hulk (dang it!) getting
all the press, making an irritated Klaw VERY jealous. The fight is ON!

32 PGS./All Ages …$2.99

...are reasons why I sometimes feel that I should go back to collecting monthly comics. The heart shouts "YES!" but the brain whispers "Dude, No!" and wouldn't you know it, the brain wins.

I just wish Marvel would hurry up and collect their Marvel Adventures line of comics in hardcover format like they do with practically all their other books that are more than two weeks old. Surprisingly, only Marvel Adventures Spider-Man has received this treatment (and it has that cute
Goom speaking gangsta story) and even then it's just the one volume. Where's the rest, Marvel? Come on! I, for one, am not gonna pick up the digests. Please don't ignore your "I'll-just-wait-for-the-trade" customers. We need loving too!

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