08 October 2008

Khairul H.'s Room of Geekery

Taking a cue from Maxo over at Great Caesar's Post (or to put it bluntly, totally cribbing another blogger's idea and making it your own. Shameless? You betcha!), I have taken a 360 degree look around my room and damn if I don't have a lot of Star Wars crap. Statues, mini-busts, dolls (I don't call them action figures), ships and assorted aliens. Impressive if I may so myself but I just realised I must have spent the equivalent of a small island's total GDP to acquire all these things. Ironically, I don't keep my comic books and trades in this room where I blog about them. Comics and assorted novels are kept in the next room so if I need to scan a panel or refer to something, I have to get off my butt and walk to that room and find the material there. Why didn't I keep my books here and the Star Wars stuff in the other room, you ask? To which I reply, "Shut up! Just shut up!"

Let's see:

  • There's a small pile of trades on my worktable here next to the PC which I have yet to catalogue and shelf. I'll do it someday. Hey, I just found my Daredevil Companion Omnibus. So that's where it's been hiding!

  • Next to those trades and still on the same table is the 1:1 scale of the AT-AT from Empire Strikes Back (with missing signature plaque), a 1:1 scale of Darth Vader's helmet from Revenge of the Sith with Hayden Christensen's signature and a small statue of kneeling Vader from that scene in ESB (see pic above).

  • Seven 1:1 scale replicas of lightsaber hilts from Master Replicas. No, they don't light up or anything.

  • A crapload of Force FX Lightsabers from Master Replicas. These do light up and make that "zzeeoow, zzeeoow" sound if you swing them around. Cool. Perfect for scaring kids and noisy dogs.

  • My dvd collection. Hmm, maybe I should watch Y Tu Mama Tambien again.

  • Next to the dvds is a 1:1 scale replica of a Stormtrooper blaster from the movies. Bought if from a fellow collector.

  • My 50 inch plasma. Use it to watch Simpsons dvds and play Madden on the XBox. I know, what a waste of plasma power.

  • An entire row of shelves with scale models of Star Wars ships (the falcon, Luke's X-Wing, Vader's Tie Fighter, Boba Fett's Slave I ship, the chicken walker from Return of the Jedi and that gunship from Episode II. All from the now defunct Code 3 Collectibles people.

  • Some 18 inch SW statues from Sideshow: Solo, Boba Fett, Luke, Vader, Maul. Toldja I had a lot of Star Wars crap.

  • And last but certainly not least, some Spidey 12-inch poseable dolls from the overpriced Japanese toymakers, Medicom. Also some Marvel and DC (mostly Batman) 7-inch figures.

And that's it. Oh, in the middle of the room there is a coffee table:

I promised myself that I will sort out all those books and put them on the shelves in the next room as soon as possible. That promise was made last year when there were only five books on the table. I'll get to it...someday. I promise.


Maxo said...

Of course you can't keep them in the same room — they're from completely different universes, duh. Unless you're talking about the Star Wars comics, I guess.

Holy crap ... I just blew my own mind.

Thanks for the peek into your Secret HQ!

james said...

Darth Vader bust. Me likey. But me also cheapo. The closest thing I got to that is a Keloggs Free Gift Darth Vader cookie jar. Hahah.