23 October 2008

Tales from the Crypt: Cutting Cards

So there're this two gamblers, right? Gus Forney and Lou Crebis. They love to gamble. They live to gamble. They also hate each other. They can't stand each other. They both wish the other would just die. So one day they decided to settle the matter once and for all. They're gonna bet their lives. Winner takes all, loser dies.

They decided on Russian Roulette:

Okay, that didn't work because the bullet turned out to be a dud. No one dies. So Gus suggests a new game, Chop-Poker. What's chop-poker? Well, let the Crypt-Keeper explain it:

Now that's just messed up!

From Cutting Cards, collected in EC Archives: Tales From the Crypt vol. 3. Art by Fred Peters.

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