16 October 2008

Superman & Batman vs Vampires

So there's gonna be a mini series featuring Batman & Superman fighting werewolves and vampires. John Byrne already did that in 1987. Well okay, it was just Superman and Batman versus one vampire and no werewolves but it only took him 38 pages to do it which is just about the right number of pages for a vampire story.

Batman is referring to his apparent death few pages earlier when he dives into quicksand and sinks. Sinking into quicksand equals death, right? Makes sense. Not necessarily, says Batman:

No you can't swim in quicksand like you do in water! The hell, Bruce? Or is he so well prepared and such a badass that he can bend the law of physics to his will? In which case...cool!

From Action Comics Annual #1 collected in Superman: The Man of Steel 6 by Byrne, Adams & Giordano


Maxo said...

Wait, so the vampire was going to BITE Superman? Was that part of his vulnerability to magic or something?

Khairul H. said...

A few pages earlier the vamp clawed off part of Superman's chest. You can see him putting his hand on his chest in the last panel there...it still hurts. Byrne explained it off by making Superman realise that vampires are supernatural and therefore magical and he is vulnerable to magic. If she can claw him, she can try to bite him too. Too bad for her Batman was there.

Azim said...

Re: the quicksand thing. Actually one of the ways of getting out of quicksand is doing the breastroke very veeeerrryyy slowly...something you can do if you don't lose your head.

ThatJames said...

Yeah. If Bear Grylls can do it, so can Batman. :)