05 December 2008

Friday Night Fights: KA-POW!! round 4

This week's fight is from G.I. JOE #84 (Marvel, 1989, by Larry Hama, Marshall Rogers & Randy Emberlin). The scene: Cobra Commander approaches Zartan for the first time in a biker bar. It was the beginning of a long and not so beautiful relationship.

By the end of that issue we discover that Zartan became Zartan that we know because of Snake-Eyes. Cobra Commander set up terrorist organisation COBRA in part because, in his mind, he blames Snake-Eyes for the death of his brother. And G.I. Joe existed to combat COBRA. So it was all Snake-Eyes fault!

Wanna know who else blames Snake-Eyes for their problems? Check out Spacebooger.com


Anonymous said...

Just as I was getting into the Rice Krispies finale, you hit me with more upsizing of Snake Eyes's place in the universe. He's cool and all, but why the heck does everything have to be about Snake Eyes?

Khairul H. said...

Yeah, it was as if Larry Hama couldn't give a damn anymore. They even changed the title to "G.I.Joe (small sized letters) featuring SNAKE EYES! (huge eye catching letters)" towards the end of their Marvel run. It was all about the ninja, man!