16 December 2008

What I Like About Marvel's Incredible Hercules...

...besides the fun script and cool looking art? The sound effects. I especially love the sound effects.

and my personal favourite:
This one reminds me of Shooting Stars whenever Reeves and Mortimer introduce Ulrika Jonsson, "Ulrikakakakakakaka". What can I say. I'm easily amused.

I wouldn't have thought Incredible Hercules could wow me so much. Coming out from the ashes of World War Hulk, I thought Marvel lost the plot when they gave Hulk's book to Hercules of all people. But it's been a great read so far. Even the Secret Invasion tie-in is interesting. 'God Squad'. Hah! Almost made me want to read the actual Secret Invasion mini series. Almost.

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Maxo said...

I hear nothing but good things about this book - I really need to pick this up in trade.

Wasn't there a KRAKAJAMA! once, too? How awesome is that?!