24 March 2009

My Love Is Poison

In the latest Lying in the Gutters column, Rich Johnston wrote that Marvel's Immortal Iron Fist has been cancelled with issue #27 and there's a green light attached to that report so it's true with a +/- 5% chance of being false.

Aw, maaaannn. The Khairul H. curse is potent and is without mercy. Most books that I really, really love get the axe (Manhunter, Blue Beetle) while others like
Tarot go on forever.

I fear for Fables, Jonah Hex and Incredible Hercules.

Edited to add: Apparently Iron Fist isn't getting cancelled. It was a misprint. Don't toy with my emotions, Marvel!

1 comment:

Nick and Justin said...

Actually, apparently it was a misprint! DON'T JUMP!!!