02 March 2009

Classic G.I. Joe, volume 1 (IDW, 2009)

Go on and buy it. You know you want to. It reprints the Marvel run of G.I. Joe, it's printed on glossy paper, it's over 200 pages (10 issues worth) and it's in colour. IDW doesn't play around with that Essential or Showcase or Archive black and white reproduction crap. The give it to you in glorious colour.

It's old school G.I. Joe adventures, long before it turned into an "It was all Snake-Eyes' fault" book*. You also get to see Kwinn, comic book's first and only Eskimo Mercenary, in his first appearance ever. An Eskimo** freelance agent! You don't get that in X-Men.

*Seriously, everything revolved around Snake Eyes. Cobra Commander, Zartan, Storm Shadow and I think the Baroness as well, all blamed their fates on him.

**Yes, I know. Inuit.

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