29 November 2007

Aquaman DOES SO Matter! or John Byrne Hurts A Child's Feelings

From Byrne Robotics Forum:

"In my first studio in my former house, there was a fireplace with a wide mantle. I set my Super Powers action figures in a line along this shelf (in alphabetical order, which hardly anyone ever seemed to pick up on!) One afternoon, during one of my summer parties, I wandered into the studio to find a small clutch of my fellow professionals had gathered in there. One of these was a good friend, who had brought with him his wife and small daughter (maybe three years old). I walked in to find her sitting on the floor playing with my Aquaman figure. "She was bored," said my friend, "so I gave her Aquaman to play with. He doesn't matter." His exact words, burned into my brain. I took the toy from the child* and replaced it on the shelf. "Does to me," I said."

*Don't swing at the easy ones

On the one hand, you could say, "Gee, what a dick!" But on the other hand, they were his toys and saying Aquaman doesn't matter? Dude, dem's fightin' words in the Byrne homestead.

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