07 November 2007

Disney's Beauty and the Beast or When the Hell Did I Buy This Comic?

Have you ever gone through your old, dusty boxes or bags or wherever you keep your comic collection and discover a comic that you're pretty sure you never bought? It's possible you bought it because it's there bagged and boarded but you'll be damned if you could remember why you bought it.

Well, with me it's Disney's Beauty and the Beast published by Marvel back in 1994.

When the heck did I add that to my pull list? Hey, don't get me wrong, I loved the movie when it first came out. I even have the dvd today. But in 1994, 21-year old Khairul H. was definitely not reading a Disney comic. I discovered them in my pile of old, uncatalogued comics just the other day. I have a lot of old, uncatalogued, unbagged and largely unread comics gathering dust from the 1990s. By the early 90s, I was buying comics mostly from habit and inertia but the interest in them was slowly waning. The flame was gone, baby.

I saw twelve issues of BatB in the pile so I was buying them for a year? This is some weird shit! According to Google, the comic ran for thirteen issues. So not only did I buy a comic I don't remember buying, I also have an incomplete run of a comic I don't remember buying. One issue missing. Why do you toy with me, God?

Eh. I'll just give them to my daughter. It's still strange, though.


MCF said...


On a personal note, please drop me an email if you decide to sell some of your old comics for cheap.

Maxo said...

Denial's a terrible thing, Khairul.

Khairul H. said...

Denial's a terrible thing, Khairul.

I'm 99% sure I never bought those Beauty and the Beast comics. Honest! And yet there they are. All bagged (but not boarded) and in mint or at least near-mint condition.

Someone's messing with my mind here, man!

Anonymous said...

OMG would you be willing to sell those comics. I had that series when I was younger and now it's gone and I'd LOVE to have it back. Please e-mail me at shdwstrm@hotmail.com if you're willing to sell