26 November 2007

Well, This Sucks!

From the Marvel Masterworks Message Board:

I know someone was asking about the Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four Hardcover a short while back. But in the latest Shipping/Product Update from Marvel both of the above Hardcover Collections were cancelled. No further information was offered along with the cancellations. Sorry folks.

The Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four Vol. 1 HC (SEP072265, $24.99) has been cancelled.

Power Pack HC Vol. 1 (OCT072174D, $24.99) has been cancelled.

I was looking forward to the Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four HC collection. I have the Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man hardcover collection volume 1 (and even reviewed one of the issues
here) and thought it was a good fun read and truly an all-ages comic. I guess the numbers weren't good enough for the FF or Power Pack to be solicited in hardcover format. Disappointed, I am.

I hope this doesn't mean the end for the hardcover collections of the other Marvel Adventures titles because I'm not gonna pick up the digests. Ya hear me, Marvel? I like 'em big and hard.....uhm, the books! I'm referring to the books! BIG sized and preferably with a HARD cover.

Screw dem digests. I wanna be able to see what I'm reading.

EDITED 27/11/07 TO ADD: It may not suck after all. It could be a postponement rather than a cancellation. These books could be re-solicited sometime in '08. Here's hoping.

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