15 January 2008

To The Guy Who Googled "Superheroine Catfights"...

In my final blog entry of last year's, I wrote about the search words people have used in Google which brought them to this blog. One of them was "Superheroine catfights". I've never done that before so the guy who typed those words? Pissed off, I'm sure. But not anymore. Here are a couple of pages from that cheesecake-heavy comic, Birds of Prey, featuring Black Canary fighting a nightie-clad bad-girl Cheshire. In a swimming pool. Pencilled by Ed "tits and ass are my specialty" Benes. Enjoy, kids.

Wanna see more? Go get the trade, Birds of Prey: Sensei and Student. Yes, I occasionally shill for DC. Why do you ask?

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