13 August 2008

INVASION! Tie In: Suicide Squad #23 (DC, 1989)

Crazy woman from Apokolips enjoys shooting aliens from the hip:

She even wins in a one-on-one fight with an alien 'walker':

But the best thing about SS#23?
The debut of Oracle!

Seriously, Suicide Squad was a hell of a comic book. When the hell will DC bring out the delayed SHOWCASE edition? In the meantime, check out my
pimpin' of Suicide Squad in two parts.

(And that's it for INVASION! tie-in week. I didn't buy that many DC books back then. If you think this *ahem*review is a bit half-assed, you'd be right! I'm tired and work was hell. Just roll with it. INVASION is coming out in trade format early next month. I recommend it if you want to see early McFarlane or lots of aliens talking trash about Earth but try not to pay retail price. It's not that good.)

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