01 August 2008

Friday Night Fights: Ladies Night Round 1 - G.I. Joe #77 (Marvel, 1988)

Well, this is it. Possibly the final bout of Friday Night Fights ever. Although I hope the mighty Bahlactus will stick around and host more fights at his crib, who am I to stop him if he decides to visit other worlds for more exotic contenders? In the meantime, here's DGR's representative to tonight's "Ladies Night" smackdown: Lady Jaye vs. Zarana.

The story so far: The civil war on Cobra Island had just ended with the army of the new Cobra Commander victorious and Serpentor dead. The Joes, who were ordered to side with Serpentor, now face the embarrassing task of asking for a truce from their enemy while they evacuate their personnel off the island. Zarana, meanwhile, can't help herself:

Oh, it is on, bitch!

Their male colleagues gather round watching the two women duke it out while crimson coloured sound effects hover over their heads.

A draw?? Bah! Still, an all out fight between two under used female characters in the G.I. Joe comic? Thank you, Larry Hama! Too bad Marshall Rogers was pencilling. There's just something wrong with his style. He made them all look short.

Anyway, seven issues later, somebody wrote in to say how disappointed they were at the degrading portrayal of women in comics:

No more girl fights? Bahlactus would not approve!

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