06 August 2008

INVASION! Tie In: Justice League International #23 (DC, 1988)

On Monday, we saw how Oberon saved the JLI headquarters from alien midgets during the 1988 INVASION! It was one of the few good tie-ins to the so-so INVASION! mini-series proper (which incidentally must always be referred to in italics and capped with an exclamation point). It was funny, it fleshed out an all too often ignored character and it showed a dwarf smacking down some aliens. Gold!

The next issue of JLI was an INVASION! Aftermath tie-in and it introduced one of my favourite evil guy groups: THE INJUSTICE LEAGUE. The funny one, not the deadly serious one with Agamemno and Luthor.

Led by Major Disaster who wears thigh high pink boots and a hood, the rest of the group consists of Big Sir, Cluemaster, Multi-man, Clock King and the Amazing Bruce. This motley crew discovered an abandoned Khundian spaceship on one of the South Pacific Islands after the alien invasion and decided to use it for their own purpose but they have trouble turning on the engines. Alien technology, you know?

This of course doesn't inspire confidence in the rest of the team:

And when they finally manage to get the darn thing in the air, this had to happen:
And the nascent Injustice League is quickly captured and arrested by the Justice League but the readers loved them so much that Keith Giffen brought them back in a Justice League Annual where they got to fight mutant, flesh eating penguins in the South Pole. That is a comic just waiting to be reviewed here. Some day, I hope.

First, we get to see Oberon in Rambo mode and now the introduction of a fan favourite group of loser villains. So that's another good thing that came out of INVASION! That mini-series wasn't so bad after all, I think.

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chris said...

The first handful of DC comics I ever collected came from that period.

I had this issue and a crossover issue of Flash, and I collected both titles from then on.

INVASION! was the catalyst that got me to try DC after being a strictly-Marvel guy...