08 August 2008

Friday Night Fights: Ladies Night Round 2: Animal Man #6 (DC, 1988)

Continuing DGR's look at some of the INVASION! tie-ins and since it's Friday, let's combine it with Ladies Night at Bahlactus'!

Animal Man is about to get maced by a practically naked winged lady in thigh high boots and heels. No wonder he's scared shitless.

The cover is a bit misleading though (and as a comic cover, I suppose being misleading is the whole point). Most of the book is about a male Thanagarian artist with a death wish. He wants to die in the name of art so he plants a time bomb that he hopes will destroy the west coast of the United States. No, seriously.

The hawkwoman's job is to run interference in case any heroes are around.

Naked hawkwoman dies when Buddy Baker pulls her wings off, suicide hawkman drops dead after he sets the timer on the bomb and Buddy Baker cries like a little girl because he doesn't know how to switch it off.

Enter the Hawkman as a deus ex machina and saves the day (and the west coast) on the very last page. Read this comic and chances are you'll end up saying the same thing I did when I first read it: "WTF, Grant Morrison?!

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