13 July 2007

Sergio Aragones' Groo the Wanderer

I love this comic book. I remember feeling sad and angry when Groo was cancelled after just 132 issues (120 issues with Marvel, 12 with Image). 132 issues! "What is wrong with you comic book geeks, huh?", I remember ranting. "X-Force more interesting to you?" Damn &*(%#$!!.

Actually, Groo first had an eight issue run over at Pacifics Comics but I never read those so they don't count. Groo is basically an idiot who is master of the sword-fu. You want to get rid of some toughs? Just promise Groo some cheese dip and point him at the right direction. Then sit back and wait for the dust to settle. Sorted. Groo does what Groo does best. Forget Conan. That guy asks too many questions. You ever see Conan go all Deathstroke like what Groo is doing on that cover right there? Groo only needs one eye to deliver some sweet, sweet hacking and slashing. One eye, folks.

I actually started reading this title with #28 and went back to find some back issues but only found #1 which was cool enough but there's still that 26 issue gap that is missing from my life. This guy needs to have his books collected in an Omnibus. I'll buy it. In triplicate.

Sergio Aragones' GROO the Wanderer series. Dem's Good Readin'


__earth said...

wow. that brings back childhood memory.

Khairul Hezry said...

Happy memories I hope. I plan to talk more about Groo soon. Need to dig up the old comics first.

eyeris said...

I'm crossing my fingers that they come up with a trade paperback version soon... now THAT would be awesome... :D

Khairul Hezry said...

There are trades of Groo. Just check Amazon. But the trades collecting the issues that I want (#2-#27) aren't available anymore, I don't think.