13 July 2007


WikiHow's How To Enjoy Comic Books

They missed a few things in the "Warning" section, methinks:

  • All super powered women fight in skin tight swimwear, short skirts and have skin toned watermelons attached to their chests. You cannot enjoy superhero comic books without realising this first.

  • Continuity freak. You will become one. Bet on it.

  • Your personal hygiene will come in a distant second when compared to the way you treat your floppies. Radioactive materials aren't handled as carefully as you handle your comics.

  • Batman is always prepared. So don't bother asking questions like, "He has copper coins from the 12th Century in his utility belt all the time? How did he know he would need ancient spare change in order to defeat (insert villain's name here)?" Batman. Is. Always. Prepared.

  • Brian Michael Bendis is the spawn of Satan.

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