12 July 2007

Yet Another Comics Blog

As if the world wide web isn't already filled with them, here's yet another comics related weblog. I thought it might be fun to write about things I know (or pretend to know, anyway). As the cool kids say nowadays, "I'm just shooting the shat".

The method of telling a story through sequential art is as old as...well, the human race and if it was good enough for the caveman, it's good enough for us. You hear that, parents? Give your kids comic books to read! They're cheaper than cigarettes and far more sexier.

Maybe I'll throw in a review of a novel or two one of these days. You never know. You just gotta check in every few days, don't you? But comic talk will be king around here.

I used to collect the darn things back in the 80s till the mid-90s. I left that part of my life when they got too expensive for my taste and the stories took themselves waaay too seriously. I came back in around 2004 but this time I only pick up the trades, the graphic novels, the phone book sized collections. Never again will I feed the floppy beast.

I hope you will enjoy your visits here. I aim to make it enjoyable. Be patient for the next few, oh I don't know, months?, as I trudge along blindly looking for a style to call my own.

My last blog lasted a couple of months. Let's see how long this one will last.

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