01 August 2007

D.C. Comics Covergirls (Hardcover edition)

My latest coffee table book. Written by Louise Simonson, it features lots and lots of covers featuring D.C.'s female heroine, anti-heroines and a villainess or two. Foreword is by Adam Hughes, the master of cheesecake.

I saw lots of copies at Borders at The Curve, Bandar Utama. I think Kinokuniya KLCC has it as well. Or you can just order it online from Amazon.


MCF said...

What's the contents like? Is it a historical recount, or is it simply a cover gallery?

Khairul H. said...

It's a retrospective of D.C's female characters but the words by Loiuse Simonson are practically submerged by the pictures. Lotsa lotsa lotsa lotsa pictures.