12 August 2007

Silver Surfer #18 (Marvel Comics, 1988)

Galactus spanks monotone coloured punk in space. Silver Surfer watches in awe.

That's it basically for issue 18 of Silver Surfer (volume 3, 1988). Oh sure, there's a story as to why the devourer of planets and wearer of the funkiest headgear is pwning a black-and-white guy in a bathrobe, but really the story is irrelevant. It's almost page after page of slam bang action in the good old Marvel style. But if you insist to know...the In-Betweener (the b&w guy) wants to kill Galactus and make himself the Universe's head honcho. He tried to kill Galactus when the big G was down but failed. So In-Betweener planned to hurl Galactus into a black hole. Too late, the G-man wakes up and IT. IS. ON!

Seriously, I'm not gonna say much this time. How can I? It's frikin' Galactus duking it out with a pretender for that is what the In-Betweener is. Nothing but a Goddam poseur. Tear him a new one, Galactus! You the man!

Yeah. Galactus likes to repeat his name. Don't take my word for it. Let Kevin show you.

Galactus doesn't give a monkey's arse about anything other than the fight. That's just who he is. A good thing too, 'cause that flying thing are our heroes trying to help Galactus by having both of them get sucked into the black hole.

The black hole transports everyone into another realm, a realm of Lord Order and Master Chaos, the beings who created the In-Betweener. They are pissed off with him so they pressed the cosmic "DELETE" button. Bye-bye In-Betweener. And Galactus (with the heroes) get shoved off back through the black hole and back into our Universe. Yay!


Bahlactus said...

That's what I'm talkin' about, bruh! What volume of Silver Surfer is this? This definitely needs to be a part of the ABSOLUTE GALACTUS collection I'm building!

'Preciate the Comics clue you're droppin' here!

Bahlactus said...

Dag, I need to check the optics in this helmet...you already dropped clue on what volume it is! I definitely need to get down with this, as I've only got 1 and 10 so far from volume 3.