07 May 2008

The War That Time Forgot Miniseries (DC, 2008)

Good news: DC saw fit to publish a brand new The War That Time Forgot miniseries. TWTTF was probably the most insane comic DC ever published and you should totally get the Showcase Presents collection. In this new mini series, though, it's not just a battalion of G.Is vs. dinosaurs...it's a whole bunch of other folks as well including Hans Von Hammer, the Enemy Ace. A World War I German fighter pilot fighting dinosaurs! All that's missing in this comic are zombies.

And why does Enemy Ace have that look on his face? Is he running away because he just saw a big ass lizard with sharp teeth? Or because there's a Native American chasing him on horseback? Or maybe he realises he's in a comic book and he sees a giant pair of eyes staring back at him? Anyway, anything versus dinosaurs stokes my interest. Too bad for comic publishers I only read comics in trade format nowadays (yes, I know I'm probably the reason interesting books like Blue Beetle are facing cancellation).

Bad News: It's written by Bruce Jones. I read some of his Hulk stories. Meh.

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