02 May 2008

Friday Night Fights: Classic Edition Round 3

Because I'm the goddam Silver Age Batman, bitch!

The Brave and the Bold #95 is such an insane comic, you just know it was written by Bob Haney. This issue has it all: a missing person, a femme fatale, unrequited love, fights in exotic locales and Batman getting framed for murder....

As we all know, when you are on the run from the law, all you need is a hat and an overcoat to fool the cops. They'll never notice that you're still wearing a cowl over your face and your undies on the outside. Truly, Batman is a master of disguise.

But it's the punch that makes this issue a classic. Female, shmemale, he's hitting that face like nobody's business. Let's see it one more time.

Batman is no one's patsy!

Neither is Bahlactus!

(All scans from Showcase Presents: The Brave and the Bold vol.2)

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