05 May 2008

Spider-Man/Red Sonja HC (Marvel, 2008)

Spider-Man/Red Sonja managed to make my wife roll her eyes so far back up her head, I thought she was possessed by the Dark Lord Beelzebub. It's not the story, it's the redhead. My wife wanted to know why Red Sonja goes around killing bad people in a chain mail bikini while Spider-Man is covered from head to toe in skintight spandex. To which I replied, "Phhfftt! Women." Master of the witty comeback, me.

Too bad the story isn't much fun. It's basically a remake of their first encounter in Marvel Team-Up #79 (which is also included in this collection). It's just five issues of Red Sonja and Spider-Man swinging, slashing and punching in a magically transformed New York after Kulan Gath is once again released to terrorise the modern world.

So why did I even bother buying this book?

For the opportunity to irritate my wife. What else?

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Maxo said...

"Why does Red Sonja go around killing bad people in a chain mail bikini" is a question that answers itself!