16 May 2008

Friday Night Fights: Classic Edition Round 5

Yesterday I talked about 2000AD's The Simping Detective and what a great character undercover Judge Jack Point is. Not only that, dude can take can of himself too:

That's his catchphrase, by the way. Whenever someone asks him, "What's your point?", he says, "Comes after the Jack." And if you didn't get it then you don't know Jack.

Anyway, just because he walks around in clown makeup doesn't mean he can't deliver some whup-ass. Observe:

Five ninjas, people! FIVE!! and that's after the bar brawl above. You don't wanna mess with this Bozo.

Neither do you wanna mess with Bahlactus!

From The Simping Detective tpb, by Steve Spurrier and Frazer Irving.

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