30 September 2007

Batman/Judge Dredd: Judgement On Gotham (DC, 1991)

Hoo-yeah! This was one inter-company crossover that I couldn't wait to get my hands on when I first heard of it back in 1991. Two of my favourite nutcases together in a team-up book? And they're going after Judge Death? And the three main people involved in this book are Alan Grant, John Wagner and Simon Bisley? I've died and gone to nerd heaven.

Story: Judge Death, the Dark Judge who theorises that life itself is illegal, dimension-jumped his demon self to 1990s Gotham City and immediately starts killing upon arrival. A time waster, he is not. Batman appears on scene and since he's Batman, he takes down Judge Death pretty quick by putting Death's host body on fire forcing Death's essence/soul/whatever to flee down some dark Gotham alley. Batman, while investigating the charred body, presses a button on the dimension-jump belt and is transported to Mega City-One where he meets up with Mean Machine Angel and Judge Dredd. And the fun begins.

A whack to the jaw worthy of a Bahlactus sucker punch, an arm twist and Batman goes down like a rookie. But Bats gets his own back while being interrogated:

Meanwhile, back in Gotham, Judge Death has teamed up with the Scarecrow and they go to a heavy metal concert. They're in Gotham, they're looking for some fun killing spree, why not a concert? Lots of fresh meat there.

By this point, Batman has managed to escape Dredd with the help of Psi-Judge Anderson and together they jump back to Gotham just in time to see Judge Death and Scarecrow killing and gassing everyone at the concert. They fight, Judge Dredd dimension-jumps in the nick of time to help the good guys and the bad guys lose.

This crossover sold so well apparently that Dredd and Batman met up again another two times. I did not get the chance to read those subsequent meetings but from what I heard their second and third books together weren't very good. Hunt down Judgement On Gotham in the bargain bin if you can. It's a fun read and just might get you interested in 2000AD's Judge Dredd if you aren't interested in him already.

By the way, one of the funniest thing in this book was when the Scarecrow sprayed some of his fear gas on Judge Death and the dark judge started hallucinating. What is Judge Death afraid of?


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Norman said...

Awright! I got this one from way back too. Bisley at his indulgent and lulziest at the time!