19 September 2007

Whatchoo Talking 'Bout, Willis?

I'm not sure if the person who is writing the monthly comic solicitations for Marvel either love or hate the X-MEN: FIRST CLASS comic. This is the excerpt for issue 7:

“Huh. We done got our powers back.”
“But they’re outta control.”
“Guess we’re gonna be breakin’ a buncha stuff.”


Issue 6's was weirder/funnier though:

"Hey Cyclops, you seen my powers anywhere?"
"Ay-ay, where my wings go at?"
"Dag, I'm all havin' to lift up my coffee with my HANDS, yo."
"Dang. We cold done lost our powerz."

Say who the what now?

Issue 5's was okay in comparison:

My X-Men! Have you reached the area where the Hulk was reported?
Excellent! Containing him will win favor in the public eye for all mutants.
"Yeah... speaking of mutants, would you rather us go fight Magneto? Or how about Juggernaut! Ooh- The Blob, let us fight the Blob!"
This mission isn't going well, is it?

X-Men: First Class #5 solicitation

X-Men: First Class #6 solicitation

X-Men: First Class #7 solicitation

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