07 September 2007

Friday Night Fights: I Don't Even Know Who You Are Anymore!

It's Friday, it's night, let's fight! Bahlactus awaits.

It's Batman vs. some dude in a golden mask who calls himself 'The Enforcer'. While the Enforcer talks smack to Batman, the pointy-eared one says to himself, "Screw this shit. I'm kicking his head!", and that's what he does.

Damn! Batman's flying bat-kick is so deadly, the Enforcer's head explodes! It turns out that the man under the helmet is Batman's buddy gone bad. They fight for a couple of panels but in the end:

Batman wins the fight but loses a friend. I'm pretty sure in his heart and soul, Bruce Wayne is crying all sorts of tears for his pal who has turned to the Dark Side but Batman only thinks of the fight. And Batman always wins.

Scans from Manhunter: The Special Edition collection (1999).

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