13 September 2007


So, Marvel's AMAZING FANTASY OMNIBUS arrived at my door the other day and it's been a blast going through this thing. Is it good? Urm, yeah. The stories are okay. Are they good good? Heaven's, no! But you know, I'm reading this through the eyes of a fan who grew up with late-70s/early-80s superhero comics so really, it's kinda unfair to call the AF stories crap. They were written in 1961, fer goodness' sakes. It's a nice book if you like to read early works of Stan Lee, Kirby, Ditko et al.

The stuff in here are mostly 'alien space monster lands on Earth, plans to colonise Earth, gets fooled by puny humans and leaves Earth'. Towards the end of its run (it only ran for 15 issues and if you know your comics history, you should know what happened in the 15th issue), Stan Lee tried to copy the style of E.C.'s Weird Science-type stories. Not bad in themselves but 'meh' when compared to the true E.C. stuff (which are being collected into hardcover editions. Go to Amazon and collect them all).

This collection is chock full of panels that are just totally funny when taken out of context or even within context. Especially since I'm reading it with 21st century untinted glasses. Perfect for blog material. Here are a couple:

Because clearly you can't fight sinister and corrupt occult powers if you continue to look Caucasian.

See? That's how you handle women!

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