28 September 2007

When Dazzler Met Galactus

When Dazzler was first brought to meet Galactus, she found him hard at work and didn't even notice her....

She also thought he was very dismissive....

Turned out, Galactus needed Dazzler to capture and bring back his runaway herald, Terrax.

He was very commanding, she thought, but quite insulting to her. Galactus needed her help but he wouldn't speak to her directly? What the hell?

Well, she completed her mission. It was scary but she did it. Back in Galactus' ship, Dazzler stood silent as Galactus looked at her like she just broke wind or something...

But what she didn't know, was that even the G-Man can lay back and relax once in a while. Who would've thought Galactus knew how to chill out? All that is missing is a pipe in his mouth. And maybe a good book like Terry Pratchett's latest.

I'm just getting ready for Bahlactus' Friday Night Fights in a few hours time.

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